Dynamic Medical Services To Pay For $170,000 To Stay EEOC Religious Discrimination Suit

Dynamic Medical Services To Pay For $170,000 To Stay EEOC Religious Discrimination Suit

Dynamic Medical Services To Pay For $170,000 To Stay EEOC Religious Discrimination Suit


Company Needed Employees to sign up in Scientology Religious Practices, Fired Two for Refusing, Federal Agency Billed

MIAMI – Dynamic Medical Services, Corporation., a Miami company of Dr. Dennis Nobbe which supplies medical and chiropractic services, has decided to settle a spiritual discrimin-ation suit filed through the U.S. Equal Employment Chance Commission (EEOC), the agency announced today.

The EEOC billed in the suit that Dynamic Medical Services, Corporation. (“DMS”) needed Norma Rodriguez, Maykel Ruz, Rommy Sanchez, Yanileydis Capote along with other employees to invest the vast majority the work they do days in courses that involved Scientology religious practices, for example screaming at ashtrays or looking at someone for eight hrs without moving. The organization also instructed employees to go to courses in the Church of Scientology. Furthermore, the organization needed Sanchez to endure an “audit” by connect-ing herself for an “E-meter,” which Scientologists believe is really a religious artifact, and needed her to undergo “purification” treatment in the Church of Scientology.

Based on the EEOC’s suit, employees frequently requested to not attend the courses but were advised it had been a dependence on the task. Within the installments of Rodriguez and Sanchez, once they declined to sign up in Scientology religious practices and/or didn’t comply with Scientology faith, these were ended.

Such alleged practices violate Title VII from the Civil Legal rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination around the foundation of religion-including forcing employees to adapt to particular religion. The EEOC sued (Situation No. 1:13-cv-21666KMW, filed in U.S. District Court for that Southern District of Florida) after first trying to achieve funds through its conciliation process.

According towards the the consent decree, that was authorized by the U.S. District Court on December 23, 2013, DMS pays $170,000 to stay the suit. Payments is going to be designed to the 4 named claimants Rodriguez, Ruz, Sanchez, Capote, and 4 other identified class people. The agreement also requires DMS to support employees who complain about attending and/or taking part in religious courses or any other religious work-related activities for religious good reasons to inform EEOC if employees request a spiritual accommodation to consider an anti-discrimination policy that explains to employees their legal rights under Title VII regarding religious discrimination and also to conduct practicing DMS employees covering Title VII, and particularly concentrating on religious discrimination.

“We’re pleased we have had the ability to secure relief for those claimants and sophistication people, and to make sure that policies have established yourself to avoid religious discrimination at DMS,” stated Robert Weisberg, regional attorney for that EEOC’s Miami District. “What the law states is obvious: An employer cannot pressure their religion within the company by mandating that employees practice or espouse a particular religion, and can’t won’t accommodate employees once they resist such discriminatory employment practices.”

Malcolm Medley, director from the EEOC’s Miami District, added, “I’m happy with the job our investigators and legal team did within this situation. Employers cannot make participation in religious practices an important condition of employment. Furthermore, employees who resist such mandatory practices and ask for an accommodation can’t be in anxiety about retaliation.”

The EEOC accounts for enforcing federal laws and regulations against employment discrimination. The Miami District Office’s jurisdiction includes Florida, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. Further details are offered at world wide web.eeoc.gov.



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